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Winter is definitely not my favorite season of the year due to the fact that it’s cold, having to layer up with tons of clothing and did I mention it’s COLD!?! The only thing that I look forward to oddly enough during this season that involves the outdoors is snowboarding. Which means whatever it is that I’m wearing has to be warm not bulky and fashionable. As a snowboarder, we know the importance of wearing clothing that’s breathable, comfortable, durable, multifunctional and most importantly stylish. ISAORA is a “snowboard-inspired advance sportswear” brand based out of New York that seriously takes all these factors into consideration. Whether it’s hitting the slopes all day or relaxing having a drink at the resort’s local watering hole with your buddies. The Look Book for Fall/Winter 10/11 demonstrates high energy/performance functionality with a cutting edge relax-sophisticated style.  Versatility seems to be very important for ISAORA, not just limiting these pieces to the snow covered peaks as sportswear. Their designs are very innovative and fashion forward that they can be worn when we hit the streets of our own concrete jungles during this winter season.










Written by: Curt Greenidge

Designer/Artist Simeon Farrar 2011 Spring/Summer

Simeon Farrar is a true artist turned designer who has a very philosophical outlook on life. The London designer/artist believes that life is filled with infinite possibilities that every human being should embrace without constraints. Farrar’s inspiration comes from the city, taking all elements into consideration, embracing all of its urban esthetics as a form of expression for his work. Simeon a painter trained in Fine Art, decided 6 years ago to use his talent to launch his label and produce a men’s and women’s ready to wear line. His 2011 Spring/Summer men’s line, great casual looks filled with color and very cool designs from his earlier paintings. Each piece is either hand printed or dyed then washed before dry rinsing the design into the fabric.  From clothing to accessories i.e. bags Simeon Farrar’s line will be a hit for the Spring/Summer season. Visit his site to check out the entire line both male & female at .

Here is a video of how these pieces are created from his past 2010 S/S Collection

Simeon Farrar Menswear Spring/Summer 2010 from Red Leader on Vimeo.

Written by: Curt Greenidge

"Ben Sherman Gets Nicked In New York"

In this post I have decided to spread a little fashion related humor by sharing this video. The British brand Ben Sherman tested the moral fiber of the citizen’s of New York City last month at its store in Soho. Ben Sherman who is known for its great clothing, decided to change their window display by hanging shirts in the store front window. But get this, they also hung some shirts outside as well and filmed the whole thing.  As a result these New Yorkers couldn’t help themselves but to yield to temptation by taking a little five finger discount. Please watch this video; I thought it was quite clever of the brand to stage such a fantastic marketing scheme which later caused mayhem in the streets of Soho’s shopping district as the word spread.  My question to you is would you have passed up that opportunity? The video is entitled “Ben Sherman Gets Nicked in New York”.

Written by: Curt Greenidge.

Jim Moore Shares His Trend Report for Men’s Fall Fashion

Jim Moore, Creative Director for GQ magazine wrote his Fall Trend Report of the 21 things a man should have in his closet for this season. Everything from suits to fabrics, accessories to colors was featured on Moore’s “must have” list. We all should take note, Moore has an impeccable reputation from working with the most talented people within this industry to help create and develop the GQ brand for the past 29 years.  This man definitely knows what he is talking about. The thing that I like most about this article, similar to most GQ articles Moore managed to show variety between moderately priced brands and high end designer labels. Pieces from the H&M brand and designer label Salvatore Ferragamo were used to demonstrate that everyone can achieve these looks from all walks of life. You can visit GQ website for more pics and full story.
Modern Peacoat
Biker Jacket

 Double-breasted Coat

The Tux Jacket

Toggle Jacket

 Blue-Collar Plaid Shirt

Military Watch
 Blacked-Out Watch

 Shadow-Plaid Suit

Chunky Scarf

Dark Khaki

Camel (The Color)

Lace-up Boots

Tweed (The Fabric)
Lightweight Turtleneck

Chunky Turtleneck

Graphic Knit Sweater

Designer Sweats

The Odd Vest

Plaid Tie
Written by: Curt Greenidge
Images Courtesy of GQ.

Burberry Prorsum- Military Style

GQ magazine said it best during their review of the Burberry’s 2010 Fall/Winter fashion show “Hulking double-breasted wool overcoats fit for the Russian front, double collared brown-leather shearlings cut for the Battle of Britain.” Burberry Prorsum is recruiting for the army this fall. It’s all about outerwear this season and the designers decided to use World War 1 as its inspiration. Attention to detail seemed to play a significant role in designing these pieces. From wool coats to leather shearlings, boots to decorated sweaters the 2010 Fall/Winter Burberry Prorsum runway looked like Russia and Britain were at it once again. If we look back at history during the First World War, the military uniforms were created on a grand scale. The emphasis was placed on style rather than its functionality unlike today’s military garb. Burberry kept the traditional army colors like, Army green and Navy Blue for the wool coats. Brass buttons were used as decorative detail around the sleeves of the jackets and shoulders of sweaters, adding a very patriotic and authentic look. The models were uniformed in shearling aviator boots as they walked down the runway which completed the look.

 Written by: Curt Greenidge

HELLZ BELLZ: 2010 Fall Collection

The words strong, independent, fearless, edgy come to mind when referring to the Hellz Bellz clothing line. This brand prides itself as being the female liberation movement within the industry. It takes inspiration from the grungy streets of New York City to sexploitation films during the 60’s and 70’s. This rocker chic brand is catered towards a more youthful female audience which has grabbed the attention of countless artists, musicians and other designers quoted as “redefining the aesthetic of modern fashion”. Fall 2010, Hellz Bellz introduced their collection by splitting it into two parts “The Rest Is Her Story” and “Bad Girls Never Die”.

“The Rest Is Her Story” is a representation of the woman out for vengeance who posses intense rage but never forgetting her sensuality. This part of the collection was inspired by the revenge and exploitation films “Thriller” and “Lady Snowblood”. Even though the designers have taken on such harsh themes for this line they still manage to maintain a level of softness and femininity. This being another great example of fashion imitating art.

“The Rest Is Her Story”

Part 2 of Hellz Bellz Fall 2010 line entitled “Bad Girls Never Die” is an interpretation of 70’s rock style and the bad girls during that time. Female rock stars like Debbie Harry, Bianca Jagger and Wendy O. Williams were the muses for this part of the collection. It’s all about attitude and confidence while still maintaining a fierce feminine flare, which is what those rocker chicks exude during that era.
“Bad Girls Never Die”

Written by: Curt Greenidge

Men Suiting Up For This 2010 Fall/Winter Season

I’m a firm believer in dressing for the season. Fall is here and winter is soon to follow, which means for a man who is stuck wearing a suit for 5 days out of the week can be somewhat of a challenge. We tend to wear our summer suits into the winter based solely on convenience and the urge not to go shopping. However as superficial as this may be, peoples’ first impression of you is always at first glance. Even though for most men it is not our natural urge to shop, we still need to upgrade our wardrobes every season. So don’t be alarmed gentlemen there are some fabrics and styles out this fall/winter season that will make your shopping experience much easier.
For the man that is more fashionably inclined velvet would be a great option. This fabric is perfect if you like to dress to impress which can be accomplished as a full suit, blazer or sports coat turning heads as you enter a room. If you are a more low key type of guy velvet is also used in other simplistic ways for example bow ties or as lapels on jackets. When worn in the most basic way can still be equally noticeable, adding a unique element to your outfit.

If your style is more conventional and velvet is not for you, a classic option could be tweed or wool suit. This season the Ralph Lauren label used these fabrics to recreate the “Sack Suit”. Originally the sack suit is largely unshaped jacket paired with fitted pant. Lauren kept the natural shoulders of the draped cut but instead of keeping the box shape he decided to use some clever tailoring to give the jacket a V shape. This style of suit adds comfort and can be worn by heavier set gentlemen, not having them to resort to slim fit suits for a more classic and tailored look. 

Written by: Curt Greenidge

Deja Vu: 2010 Women’s Fall/Winter Trends

Women’s fashion for the 2010 Fall/Winter season has somewhat of a deja vu feel to it, therefore reinforcing the fact that fashion is forever recycling and reinventing its trends. A blast from the past would be a great representation for two this season’s trends. Some of the designers within the fashion world have decided to reintroduce styles from the 60’s and 70’s. Therefore bringing back a sense of femininity and sophistication and disposing of past seasons cross-gendered looks. The return of the full length skirt which was taken from the 60’s has been revamped to represent today’s modern woman and not the Suzie Homemaker image during that period. These styles accentuate the shape and curves of the female silhouette. Soft flowing fabrics like silk and leather were used by designers to recreate the 70’s glamorous styles. It’s all about the pants suits, mini skits and furs to reinterpret the sexy and stylish fashion during the 70’s. I think both these eras combined for this fall/winter season will provide a classic and vintage look for all females willing to embrace them.
 The 60’s Era

The 70’s

Written by: Curt Greenidge