HELLZ BELLZ: 2010 Fall Collection

The words strong, independent, fearless, edgy come to mind when referring to the Hellz Bellz clothing line. This brand prides itself as being the female liberation movement within the industry. It takes inspiration from the grungy streets of New York City to sexploitation films during the 60’s and 70’s. This rocker chic brand is catered towards a more youthful female audience which has grabbed the attention of countless artists, musicians and other designers quoted as “redefining the aesthetic of modern fashion”. Fall 2010, Hellz Bellz introduced their collection by splitting it into two parts “The Rest Is Her Story” and “Bad Girls Never Die”.

“The Rest Is Her Story” is a representation of the woman out for vengeance who posses intense rage but never forgetting her sensuality. This part of the collection was inspired by the revenge and exploitation films “Thriller” and “Lady Snowblood”. Even though the designers have taken on such harsh themes for this line they still manage to maintain a level of softness and femininity. This being another great example of fashion imitating art.

“The Rest Is Her Story”

Part 2 of Hellz Bellz Fall 2010 line entitled “Bad Girls Never Die” is an interpretation of 70’s rock style and the bad girls during that time. Female rock stars like Debbie Harry, Bianca Jagger and Wendy O. Williams were the muses for this part of the collection. It’s all about attitude and confidence while still maintaining a fierce feminine flare, which is what those rocker chicks exude during that era.
“Bad Girls Never Die”

Written by: Curt Greenidge


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