Designer/Artist Simeon Farrar 2011 Spring/Summer

Simeon Farrar is a true artist turned designer who has a very philosophical outlook on life. The London designer/artist believes that life is filled with infinite possibilities that every human being should embrace without constraints. Farrar’s inspiration comes from the city, taking all elements into consideration, embracing all of its urban esthetics as a form of expression for his work. Simeon a painter trained in Fine Art, decided 6 years ago to use his talent to launch his label and produce a men’s and women’s ready to wear line. His 2011 Spring/Summer men’s line, great casual looks filled with color and very cool designs from his earlier paintings. Each piece is either hand printed or dyed then washed before dry rinsing the design into the fabric.  From clothing to accessories i.e. bags Simeon Farrar’s line will be a hit for the Spring/Summer season. Visit his site to check out the entire line both male & female at .

Here is a video of how these pieces are created from his past 2010 S/S Collection

Simeon Farrar Menswear Spring/Summer 2010 from Red Leader on Vimeo.

Written by: Curt Greenidge

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