Winter is definitely not my favorite season of the year due to the fact that it’s cold, having to layer up with tons of clothing and did I mention it’s COLD!?! The only thing that I look forward to oddly enough during this season that involves the outdoors is snowboarding. Which means whatever it is that I’m wearing has to be warm not bulky and fashionable. As a snowboarder, we know the importance of wearing clothing that’s breathable, comfortable, durable, multifunctional and most importantly stylish. ISAORA is a “snowboard-inspired advance sportswear” brand based out of New York that seriously takes all these factors into consideration. Whether it’s hitting the slopes all day or relaxing having a drink at the resort’s local watering hole with your buddies. The Look Book for Fall/Winter 10/11 demonstrates high energy/performance functionality with a cutting edge relax-sophisticated style.  Versatility seems to be very important for ISAORA, not just limiting these pieces to the snow covered peaks as sportswear. Their designs are very innovative and fashion forward that they can be worn when we hit the streets of our own concrete jungles during this winter season.










Written by: Curt Greenidge

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