"Ben Sherman Gets Nicked In New York"

In this post I have decided to spread a little fashion related humor by sharing this video. The British brand Ben Sherman tested the moral fiber of the citizen’s of New York City last month at its store in Soho. Ben Sherman who is known for its great clothing, decided to change their window display by hanging shirts in the store front window. But get this, they also hung some shirts outside as well and filmed the whole thing.  As a result these New Yorkers couldn’t help themselves but to yield to temptation by taking a little five finger discount. Please watch this video; I thought it was quite clever of the brand to stage such a fantastic marketing scheme which later caused mayhem in the streets of Soho’s shopping district as the word spread.  My question to you is would you have passed up that opportunity? The video is entitled “Ben Sherman Gets Nicked in New York”.

Written by: Curt Greenidge.

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