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A Supreme and Playboy Spring Collaboration

Supreme teamed up with Playboy to create a look book for this year’s spring season and who else better to model these garments than iconic bad boy skateboarder Jason Hill. Hill was once quoted as saying during an interview with 48 Blocks when asked what he has been up to “Drinkin, smoking, fuckin’. No, I been here in New York. I spend lots of the day indoors….waiting for the night.” Yeah right Jason, like the saying goes there is some truth behind every joke! Supreme has been around for over seventeen years working with the most talented and influential people in the industry. Reaching many demographics such as skaters, punks and hip hop heads, Supreme has managed to create a balance between these different sub-cultures in their clothing. Even though this line may vibe more with the younger generation, pieces like the button up and polo shirt can be worn casually on the weekends by the refine man. No matter the age, Playboy has been a staple in our culture for many years, having grown and young men fantasizing about attending one of Hugh Hefner’s parties at the mansion.

Written by: Curt Greenidge
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A Retro Spring Collection

Trussardi’s collection is a fusion of hip trends from fashion’s past combined to create a forward-thinking line for spring 2011. Looking at this collection you can clearly see bold references to different and relevant style categories in today’s men’s fashion from the traditionalist, the prep to the rocker. Starting with ultimate bad boy James Dean (stripe sweater, leather jacket and hair), fast forward to 80’s retro look (colored blazer, loose tank tops, native/animal prints) and ending with an injection of 90’s American prep (cardigans, messenger bags). What I enjoyed most about this collection was the bold use of prints taking it to the next level.  By accenting some outfits with leopard and native printed belts, shoes, jackets and accessories was sheer genius giving more edge to the collection.  No matter what your style is you should be able to find at least couple pieces from Trussardi. 
Written by: Curt Greenidge