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Stylus Mag Summer Photo Shoot with Designer Gregory Allen

Designer Gregory Allen’s clothing is elegant, innovative and very versatile. People of all walks of life can wear his clothing. I really wanted to dismiss the impression that this particular line only caters to business men. Greg graciously agreed to have me use some of his pieces for my summer shoot to show the wide range and versatility of his clothing. The Gregory Allen line can be dressed up for a more refined look or dressed down and worn casually. His summer line consists of his signature bow ties of course with some new additions like the denim and leather/ fabric mixed skinny ties. Short sleeve button down shirts come in a variety of colors and plaid patterns. The Gregory Allen Company also offers plaid and leather shorts this summer. Another main focus that I had when styling and creating this shoot was to show that these modern pieces can be incorporated into your everyday wardrobe.
Bowtie by Gregory Allen
Black/White leather & gingham tie w/ matching pocket square. Blue denim tie all by Gregory Allen.
Brown leather & gingham tie by Gregory Allen

 Shirt, bowtie & plaid shorts by Gregory Allen

Checkered bowtie by Gregory Allen
Leather shorts by Gregory Allen
Plaid Shorts by Gregory Allen
Grey button down shirt by Gregory Allen
Plaid button down shirt by Gregory Allen

Clothing styled by Curt Greenidge.
Written by: Curt Greenidge.
Photography by: Andre Naraine of Copasetic Photography
Special Thanks to Gregory Allen & Models: Lives & Omar

When Fashion Meets Art

Ford recently introduced his 2010 Autumn/Winter eyewear campaign to the fashion world by doing an adaptation of Alfred Hitchcock’s movie Birds. This campaign was shot by Ford himself, which at some point has his female model breastfeeding a crow. Meanwhile in the other photo British actor Nicholas Hoult is puckering up to one. As bizarre and outlandish as these photographs may seem, Ford still surpasses the bar when it comes to elegance.

Earlier this year the designer turned director launched his Spring/Summer eyewear collection using his movie “A Single Man” as inspiration. Ford used one of the lead actors in the movie Nicholas Hoult and model Carolyn Murphy as his muses for the shoot. He was the photographer yet again, capturing the artistic essence of his movie with his camera shots. Tom Ford is definitely a Renaissance man in his own right. His expertise shines through everything that he does. It is apparent his architectural background and years of experience as creative director for two of the top fashion houses in the world Gucci and YSL, played a major role when designing his masterpieces.

Written by: Curt Greenidge