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Retail Therapy

Ladies! Having a bad day and in need of some retail therapy? Well the doctor is in and I got the remedy to wash those woes away. A little shoe shopping never hurt anyone and always makes everyone feel better. Just after the damage is done and the dust has settled that you are left wondering where you’re going to store all these shoes. Stiletto heels are making a comeback and wedge heels are very much on the forefront of today’s fashion. Who said that laces are just for sneakers? Well designer Derek Lam definitely went against the grain by lacing up a pair of high heels as a part of his spring/summer collection. Other designers use fabrics, bold prints and even reshape the structure of the shoe for example, the late Alexander McQueen’s Armadillo. Philip Lim and Christian Louboutin took another approach by collaborating with each other to create an ankle boot for the fall season. So ladies, lets embrace the warm weather and get your feet right to slide into those pieces of art.

3.1 Philip Lim
3.1 Phillip Lim
Alexander McQueen
Lace Shoe
Derek Lam
Derek Lam
 The Alexander McQueen “Armadillio”
Fall 2010 Preview: Philip Lim & Louboutin Colabo
Writted by: Curt Greenidge

Kicks R 4 Kids!

As kids, the majority of us were brought up to believe that we should always have pride in our appearance at all times. These days men are more obsessed than women when it comes to shoes. This is rightfully so since upgrading and keeping your shoe game tight is a necessity, given that it’s the first thing most women look at and judge a guy when they first meet. In today’s fashion world sneakers and casual shoes can be worn anywhere, by anyone, in a million different ways regardless of age. We just need to do one thing, find the shoe that fits the occasion and your style. These shoes have been reinvented and redesigned to coincide with today’s men’s fashion. Designers labels like Gucci, Dior Homme, and Coach added their own creativity to these shoes to make these shoes more fashionable. Meanwhile Air Jordan, Reebok and Nike Air Max reintroduced some of their classics because as we all know fashion is forever evolving and the old always become new again. Some of these kicks are even movie and TV inspired.

Air Jordan 1 Retro
Reebok Pump-O-mini Lite

Doir Homme

Gucci Ronson

Gucci Ronson

Gucci Belt Sneaker

Supra Lost Vaider (inspired by TV series Lost)
Parra Nike Air Max

Nike Am 90
Boat Shoes

Top:Left: Bally; Right: Steve Madden
Bottom: Left: Sebago; Right: Cole Hann
Sperry Top Sider Bahama

Written by: Curt Greenidge

Classic Americana

Pharrell Williams aka Skateboard P is no stranger to fashion. A constant front row guest at all the top designer fashion shows along with the creative wheels turning in his head, this dude knows fashion. Billionaire Boys Club (BBC) founded in 2005 by Pharrell and BAPE founder Nigo. The company launched its 2010 Spring/Summer line last month entitled Classic Americana. Bright colors and bold graphics is what this collection is all about. Even though mismatching different designs is not recommended for all, I still believe if done correctly can make a bold fashion statement. This type of style is usually embraced by the Japanese who has a very unique sense of style. I love the fact that Pharrell is not afraid to push the limits when it come to his style and it definitely shows in this line. He also used some classic pieces like the dress shirt paired with the tuxedo pant to the Charlie Chaplin inspired suit however still staying true to the BBC skateboarder look. BBC also introduced some other pieces this season like the low and midcut suede chukka shoes to thick frame sunglasses.
Written by: Curt Greenidge

Look Book for 2010 Spring/Summer Women’s Fashion

Spring as we know it is the transitional period between winter and summer. It is when we start saying goodbye to the cold and layers of clothing and look forward to warmer weather upon the horizon. Now I know after the weather that we have all been experiencing, spring seems to be somewhat of a distant reality. However I will introduce some Spring/Summer trends that will hopefully wash away those winter blues and get you in the mood for this season.


Lights, Camera and Action! It’s all about glamour and glitz, metallic, gold and crystals are hot for this season. Some might say that these looks might be too much however more is in. Just think red carpet, night out on the town and fashionably chic.


Digital, animal and tribal prints reinforced with bright vibrant colors are also a part of the spring/summer look book. Designers use these prints with structured patterns and soft fabrics to make these garments flow like a piece of art.


Comfort is also an option this spring. Denim is a fabric that is always in style no matter the season however baggy “boyfriend” jeans and overalls are making a comeback in women’s fashion. Wearing double denim also seems to be a staple in today’s fashion for both women and men.


Nothing says Spring more than the blooming of flowers, that’s why floral designs had to be a part of the spring/summer trends. “Weather” it may be a summer dress, mini or paired up with a pant suit these floral designs screams spring is definitely in the air.

Written by: Curt Greenidge