Men Suiting Up For This 2010 Fall/Winter Season

I’m a firm believer in dressing for the season. Fall is here and winter is soon to follow, which means for a man who is stuck wearing a suit for 5 days out of the week can be somewhat of a challenge. We tend to wear our summer suits into the winter based solely on convenience and the urge not to go shopping. However as superficial as this may be, peoples’ first impression of you is always at first glance. Even though for most men it is not our natural urge to shop, we still need to upgrade our wardrobes every season. So don’t be alarmed gentlemen there are some fabrics and styles out this fall/winter season that will make your shopping experience much easier.
For the man that is more fashionably inclined velvet would be a great option. This fabric is perfect if you like to dress to impress which can be accomplished as a full suit, blazer or sports coat turning heads as you enter a room. If you are a more low key type of guy velvet is also used in other simplistic ways for example bow ties or as lapels on jackets. When worn in the most basic way can still be equally noticeable, adding a unique element to your outfit.

If your style is more conventional and velvet is not for you, a classic option could be tweed or wool suit. This season the Ralph Lauren label used these fabrics to recreate the “Sack Suit”. Originally the sack suit is largely unshaped jacket paired with fitted pant. Lauren kept the natural shoulders of the draped cut but instead of keeping the box shape he decided to use some clever tailoring to give the jacket a V shape. This style of suit adds comfort and can be worn by heavier set gentlemen, not having them to resort to slim fit suits for a more classic and tailored look. 

Written by: Curt Greenidge

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