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Nicholas K Men’s 2010 Fall/Winter Collection

Nicholas K is known for their layered looks, which is very relevant for the colder months ahead this 2010 Fall/Winter season. I like this brand because of all it has to offer. There is no age or weight restrictions, each piece can be worn separately and is very distinctive and unique.  This collection is a great representation of comfort.  While reviewing this collection, it reminded me of the costumes in the movie “Book of Eli” starring Denzel Washington.  It conveys a vagrant style but not in a negative way but as more futuristic and stylish. From the innovative cut of the trousers, hooded leather jacket and sweaters, to each outfit being paired up with a pair of rugged boots and scarves. This designer’s creative vision is definitely ahead of its time.
Written by: Curt Greenidge

The Black Ivy: "Photographer T. Hayashida’s 1960’s Ivy Leaugue Fashion Photos Revamped"

During the late sixties, Japanese photographer T. Hayashida travelled throughout America’s northeastern Ivy League schools to document the style during that time. As a result of his travels, the book “Take Ivy” was published containing all the images of that era. These images consisted only of white alumni. However Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs of the New York style blog Street Etiquette decided to recreate these images but with a twist. This style duo decided to gather two dozen of their fashion forward African American friends while using the City College of New York as their canvas to reconstruct these 45 year old candid photos and might I say job well done! Kissi and Gumbs really captured the true essence of T. Hayashida’s photos during that era. Each model was outfitted perfectly to represent Ivy League Prep with cable knit cardigans/sweaters, single/double breasted blazers, varsity jackets, poor-boy hats and a vintage bicycle was even added as a prop. These are some really great and comfortable looks that any man can wear. Meanwhile all these pieces can be found in affordable stores across the U.S such as J. Crew.I give this look book two thumbs up!
Written by: Curt Greenidge


Literature for Life the creator of the Poetic Fashion Show is a charitable organization that gives back to the community. This event was created to give the youth living within Toronto’s 13 underserved neighborhoods the opportunity to showcase their artistry despite the negative portrayal by the media, showing the world that good can come from negative circumstances. I can honestly say that being invited to be a part of the Poetic Fashion Show has been one of the greatest honors of my life. Not only did I get a chance to take part professionally but I was also a part of something even bigger than the event itself. Supporting the creative talent of inner city youth and embodying Poetic Fashion’s motto “Building bridges not barriers”. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing a bunch of talented youth who are dedicated to their craft despite the challenges they face within their everyday lives. Literature for Life gave the artists the opportunity that they would most likely have not been able to receive independently like studio time to record their demos and media coverage at the event from different media outlets such as MTV Canada. The models received professional training from Elmer Model Management, photo shoots with professional photographers to further build their portfolios and the opportunity to work with 4 of Toronto’s well known designers.
When I arrived at the St. Lawrence Center for the Arts the air was filled with a mixture of excitement, anxiousness and a bit of chaos. All the models and performers were in rehearsals doing the final run through of their performances. Meanwhile the directors of the show were busy trying to ensure that everything went smoothly. Designers and Stylists were busy setting up in their assigned dressing rooms. The energy backstage was intense giving me a reassurance that this show was going to be magnificent. I was very impressed with the determination and talent of both the models and performers as I took a peek inside the rehearsal studio. It took months, many rehearsals and time invested; now the time had arrived. After rehearsals the models headed backstage for hair/makeup and final fittings with the designers and stylists. I myself, stylist for the Gregory Allen Company had 7 male models and 1 female model to be outfitted after hair and make- up was complete. It took a couple of weeks, countless meetings and phone conferences with Greg Allen to finalize the looks for each model. Now it was Showtime but before anyone hit the stage we all gathered together for a final prayer which was lead by 2 youths. I felt like a member of a Pentecostal church because the prayer was so energetic and moving. After that it was clear everyone had their game faces on, now let the show begin!



Written by: Curt Greenidge
Andre Naraine of Copasetic Photography.
Special Thanks to Literature for Life & Poetic Fashion

Christian Louboutin 2010 Fall/Winter Shoe Collection for Men

Christian Louboutin is known for his stylish ladies stiletto heels with trademark red sole. Last season the designer decided to go in a different direction by creating a male shoe line. The studded high top sneaker was the most popular for spring/summer 2010. This Fall/Winter season the brand released some equally loud prints, designs and colors. The craftsmanship and details that have been invested into making these pieces of art is just amazing. Not only are these sneakers innovative but the styles cross over to all different genres and people from different walks of life. From celebrities, musicians and athletes like Pharrell Williams, Reggie Bush and Swizz Beats all seem to have been bitten by the Louboutin bug. What a contiguous bug it is because both Swizz Beats and Pharrell collaborated with the designer to make their own sneaker.
Written by: Curt Greenidge

GENTRY "Life lived in details"

It’s all about the fine details to make any outfit stand out amongst the rest. The GENTRY brand embraces this concept like no other by specializing in creating products that will amplify any man’s wardrobe. They believe and I cannot stress enough that men’s accessories play a very important role in an ensemble. This 2010 Fall/Winter season GENTRY introduced their new pieces which are described as “a modern re-thinking of classic men’s accessories.”

The company’s mission statement “Life lived in details” stands firmly behind the companies’ vision and respect for the details in an outfit. For the price of $225US you can purchase a custom wood box with protective outer sleeve containing one necktie, pocket square, collar clip, tie bar, pin and one GENTRY Handbook of Class and Distinction. With the great handcraftsmanship used to create these pieces the price seem minimal for what you are receiving in quality. These jewelry pieces are all crafted of brass and plated in 14k gold, sterling silver to black gunmetal. The neckties themselves are hand sewn from unique fabrics and pocket squares hand crafted from cotton. As a client you will certainly feel like these pieces were made just for you. These items can be purchased online at or if you are a resident of the US and living in LA or San Francisco at Acrimony, Alpha, American Rag, Confederacy, Revolve and Shotwell.

Written by: Curt Greenidge