Burberry Prorsum- Military Style

GQ magazine said it best during their review of the Burberry’s 2010 Fall/Winter fashion show “Hulking double-breasted wool overcoats fit for the Russian front, double collared brown-leather shearlings cut for the Battle of Britain.” Burberry Prorsum is recruiting for the army this fall. It’s all about outerwear this season and the designers decided to use World War 1 as its inspiration. Attention to detail seemed to play a significant role in designing these pieces. From wool coats to leather shearlings, boots to decorated sweaters the 2010 Fall/Winter Burberry Prorsum runway looked like Russia and Britain were at it once again. If we look back at history during the First World War, the military uniforms were created on a grand scale. The emphasis was placed on style rather than its functionality unlike today’s military garb. Burberry kept the traditional army colors like, Army green and Navy Blue for the wool coats. Brass buttons were used as decorative detail around the sleeves of the jackets and shoulders of sweaters, adding a very patriotic and authentic look. The models were uniformed in shearling aviator boots as they walked down the runway which completed the look.

 Written by: Curt Greenidge


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