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Day Birger et Mikkelsen Menswear Collection

Danish menswear line Day Birger et Mikkelsen has hit the mark with its Fall/Winter 2011 collection. The layering and combinations of each look is done in such a classic way that it’s hard to ignore this line. In realizing that traditional accessories such as braces, scarves and vests are once again becoming in staple in today’s men’s fashion, Day Birger et Mikklesen has cleverly reinforced this by incorporating them. Stylish, comfortable and classic would best sum up this collection and I predict this line to be a hit with men this coming fall. 
Written by: Curt Greenidge

Cologne Etiquette 101

There are a few simple rules to wearing cologne without suffocating and overwhelming others when you walk by or enter a room. Trust me no one likes the taste of cologne or having it linger in their palettes like a glass a fine wine after you have left. Here are a few rules for cologne selection, application, skin type, diet and storage that you might find useful.

The Selection
The best way to find and choose the right fragrance for you is the skin test. Avoid scratch and sniff samples in magazines and the card stock provided by those sometimes pushy sales agents at cologne counter. Choosing a scent that blends well and compliments your body chemistry is a reliable way to go. If you are prone to allergies, wait at least one day before committing to a fragrance to ensure no potential allergic reactions occur.
Rule of thumb, no one should be able to smell your cologne unless you are intimate. Now intimate does not necessarily mean sex, but something as minimal as a greeting via a hug or kiss on the cheek. Stick to spraying or dabbing your pulse points i.e. behind the ears, wrists and the base of the throat allowing the smell to travel throughout your body. Scented soaps and body washes should be taken into consideration if you like wearing cologne. Nowadays, male grooming products usually come with already strong and sometimes harsh scents that as a result will alter the smell of your cologne. Try lighter scented soaps and body washes like Dove to give your cologne a chance to be noticed.

Skin Type
Oily skin can sometimes get a bad reputation however in this case it is a blessing.  The moisture acts as a chemical activator, trapping and prolonging the scent resulting in fewer applications. In contrast, dry skin does the polar opposite by soaking up the scent resulting in an extra squirt for revitalization. A great tip is after a hot shower or bath, apply your cologne to your pulse points of course for longevity. The steam and hot water will open up your pores inviting that sweet aroma keeping you smelling good all day.

Believe it or not what you eat does have an adverse effect on your body chemistry. Highly seasoned, fatty and spicy foods will indeed seep through your pores mixing with the scent of your cologne making an unpleasant combination. Just imagine walking around smelling like Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani with a hint of curry. Not a good look is it?

Hoarding of any kind is frowned upon. Like most products cologne do have an expiry date. It is recommended that you replace your cologne after three years. I know we fall in love with the smell of the fragrance and would rather hang on for dear life for as long as possible. But the truth is the natural oils will lose its intensity and go rancid. So don’t cherish it, enjoy it!

Written by: Curt Greenidge

Carlos Campos

Carlos Campos’s menswear presentation for Spring/Summer 2011 is young, fresh and very hip with emphasis on structured shoulder lines to accentuate the male frame.  You will find pastels, earth tones and plaids all very popular trends in men’s fashion for the warm summer months ahead.  Campos, known for his tailored creations gives the impression of a wearable, casual and comfortable collection. Putting these pieces together seems effortless and the models did a great job by portraying this.  I would say just another day in the day in the life of Carlos Campos, an amazing collection that will definitely get you ready for the summer. 
Written by: Curt Greenidge

Beat Poet

The term Beatnik was used to describe an underground, anti-conformist youth movement known as the Beat Generation during the 50’s into the early 60’s. These individuals wore suits, black jeans, ankle boots and checkered shirts. Beat Poet is a menswear line that seems to embody the style of this once popular movement.  Its style is a clear representation of this coffee shop going, bongo playing and poetry reciting society.  Even though the line has clearly being inspired by the style of this past subculture, Beat Poet has managed to still keep its line very contemporary. The clothing is tailored perfectly to fit the male silhouette, along with the use of simple accents like the tie clip and skull pin makes Beat Poet one acid trip away from perfection.  Hands down my favorite piece would have to be the studded biker jacket from this fashion forward, edgy clothing line. 

Written by: Curt Greenidge

The Mad Hatter

Spring is officially here and wearing a hat is usually a popular accessory to provide shade from the sun or even to add a fashionable touch to your outfit.  It takes more than just walking into to a department or hat store and magically finding the ideal hat for you.  Choosing the right hat can depend on a couple of things; facial shape, features and most importantly straying away from popular trends. As the saying goes “What’s good for you is not necessarily good for me”. Try to stick to the classics; trends can sometimes lead you astray. Since we all are not born with the same facial shape and features finding the right hat can be a bit tricky. Here are some tips for the most common facial shapes and features that people may want to tone down or accentuate that might come in handy when shopping for a hat this summer.
Oval-Shaped face
A porkpie hat will add balance to your face by drawing the attention away from your pointy chin. Adding a side tilt will elevate your look and increase your swagger. Young Hollywood Stars like Ashton Kutcher and Justin Timberlake (both with oval-shaped faces) have made this hat quite popular again.
Round Face
R&B superstar Ne-Yo is notorious for wearing the stingy brim hat to add height and camouflage the short appearance that comes with having a round face. A fedora, gambler or Panama hat can help you accomplish this. However do remember never snap the brim down or tilt the hat over your face, this will make your face appear shorter. 
Thin Face
If you have a long thin face the first thing you should take into consideration is finding a hat that shortens the appearance of your face. Choosing a fedora, homburg or derby with a condense crown, modest brim and wide contrasting hat band will do the job. Think of a young Al Pachino in The Godfather. For a more fun and relax look a driver’s cap like the one actor Will Arnett is wearing will suffice.
Square Face
Actor Orlando Bloom have a very structured face, a bowler hat will add some curvature to his face to make it appear less boxy. He should tilt his hat to the side to breakup his facial lines.
Long Nose
Adrien Brody is a man that always works with what he has.  A Fedora will give the illusion of a shorter nose, it is imperative that you break up the line between the brim of the hat and your nose.
Prominent Jaw
A strong jaw line is a physical feature that most women find attractive in a man and most men sometimes pay to get. If you are as lucky as actors Aaron Eckhart or Jon Hamm to be blessed with this feature, opt for a fedora with a medium or low crown with dents to add fullness while balancing your strong chin.
Prominent Ears
For years we have heard Will Smith go on and on about his “Big Ole Dumbo Ears” and I’m glad to see that he has embraced them. However most guys that have big ears are not that confident and the stigma from the name calling as a child still remains in their subconscious. Slip on a Panama or Gambler hat with a wide brim to conceal your ears.  Stay clear of rolling the brim, this will highlight your ears and the name calling will return. Adults can be just as cruel.
Written by: Curt Greenidge