Jim Moore Shares His Trend Report for Men’s Fall Fashion

Jim Moore, Creative Director for GQ magazine wrote his Fall Trend Report of the 21 things a man should have in his closet for this season. Everything from suits to fabrics, accessories to colors was featured on Moore’s “must have” list. We all should take note, Moore has an impeccable reputation from working with the most talented people within this industry to help create and develop the GQ brand for the past 29 years.  This man definitely knows what he is talking about. The thing that I like most about this article, similar to most GQ articles Moore managed to show variety between moderately priced brands and high end designer labels. Pieces from the H&M brand and designer label Salvatore Ferragamo were used to demonstrate that everyone can achieve these looks from all walks of life. You can visit GQ website for more pics and full story.
Modern Peacoat
Biker Jacket

 Double-breasted Coat

The Tux Jacket

Toggle Jacket

 Blue-Collar Plaid Shirt

Military Watch
 Blacked-Out Watch

 Shadow-Plaid Suit

Chunky Scarf

Dark Khaki

Camel (The Color)

Lace-up Boots

Tweed (The Fabric)
Lightweight Turtleneck

Chunky Turtleneck

Graphic Knit Sweater

Designer Sweats

The Odd Vest

Plaid Tie
Written by: Curt Greenidge
Images Courtesy of GQ.

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