Retail Therapy

Ladies! Having a bad day and in need of some retail therapy? Well the doctor is in and I got the remedy to wash those woes away. A little shoe shopping never hurt anyone and always makes everyone feel better. Just after the damage is done and the dust has settled that you are left wondering where you’re going to store all these shoes. Stiletto heels are making a comeback and wedge heels are very much on the forefront of today’s fashion. Who said that laces are just for sneakers? Well designer Derek Lam definitely went against the grain by lacing up a pair of high heels as a part of his spring/summer collection. Other designers use fabrics, bold prints and even reshape the structure of the shoe for example, the late Alexander McQueen’s Armadillo. Philip Lim and Christian Louboutin took another approach by collaborating with each other to create an ankle boot for the fall season. So ladies, lets embrace the warm weather and get your feet right to slide into those pieces of art.

3.1 Philip Lim
3.1 Phillip Lim
Alexander McQueen
Lace Shoe
Derek Lam
Derek Lam
 The Alexander McQueen “Armadillio”
Fall 2010 Preview: Philip Lim & Louboutin Colabo
Writted by: Curt Greenidge


One thought on “Retail Therapy

  1. I'm got for the Lanvin pumps and the first pair of Givenchy wedges. H O T Well after this, I should think nothing of falling down stairs

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