Classic Americana

Pharrell Williams aka Skateboard P is no stranger to fashion. A constant front row guest at all the top designer fashion shows along with the creative wheels turning in his head, this dude knows fashion. Billionaire Boys Club (BBC) founded in 2005 by Pharrell and BAPE founder Nigo. The company launched its 2010 Spring/Summer line last month entitled Classic Americana. Bright colors and bold graphics is what this collection is all about. Even though mismatching different designs is not recommended for all, I still believe if done correctly can make a bold fashion statement. This type of style is usually embraced by the Japanese who has a very unique sense of style. I love the fact that Pharrell is not afraid to push the limits when it come to his style and it definitely shows in this line. He also used some classic pieces like the dress shirt paired with the tuxedo pant to the Charlie Chaplin inspired suit however still staying true to the BBC skateboarder look. BBC also introduced some other pieces this season like the low and midcut suede chukka shoes to thick frame sunglasses.
Written by: Curt Greenidge

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