Look Book for 2010 Spring/Summer Women’s Fashion

Spring as we know it is the transitional period between winter and summer. It is when we start saying goodbye to the cold and layers of clothing and look forward to warmer weather upon the horizon. Now I know after the weather that we have all been experiencing, spring seems to be somewhat of a distant reality. However I will introduce some Spring/Summer trends that will hopefully wash away those winter blues and get you in the mood for this season.


Lights, Camera and Action! It’s all about glamour and glitz, metallic, gold and crystals are hot for this season. Some might say that these looks might be too much however more is in. Just think red carpet, night out on the town and fashionably chic.


Digital, animal and tribal prints reinforced with bright vibrant colors are also a part of the spring/summer look book. Designers use these prints with structured patterns and soft fabrics to make these garments flow like a piece of art.


Comfort is also an option this spring. Denim is a fabric that is always in style no matter the season however baggy “boyfriend” jeans and overalls are making a comeback in women’s fashion. Wearing double denim also seems to be a staple in today’s fashion for both women and men.


Nothing says Spring more than the blooming of flowers, that’s why floral designs had to be a part of the spring/summer trends. “Weather” it may be a summer dress, mini or paired up with a pant suit these floral designs screams spring is definitely in the air.

Written by: Curt Greenidge

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