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JanSport Pays Homage To Skip Yowell

JanSport released their limited edition leather backpacks for this 2011 Fall/Winter season. This Californian outwear company designed this bags as a tribute to its co founder and original designer Skip Yowell. JanSport is known for their craftsmanship and durability when it comes to their backpacks. All the more reason to invest in one but please remember backpacks are not meant to be worn with suits even if it’s made of leather.

Written by: Curt Greenidge


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Freemans Sporting Club

Freemans Sporting Club was established to preserve the art of American handmade goods, quality and durability by skilled artisans, tailors and sewers.  The company prides itself on being an American product and believes very firmly on the phrase “Made Local, Buy Local”. Even though FSC maintains such traditional values they certainly took a very risqué approach for their 2011 Fall Lookbook. Artistically provocative would be the best way to describe this presentation by Freemans Sporting Club.  Although you maybe a little distracted by the nudity, which was tastefully done by the way, you cannot deny the craftsmanship of these garments.

Written by: Curt Greenidge



Smart Redefined by TOPMAN

“Sharp style comes to the fore this season. The key is to cut an elegant silhouette with slim tailoring and a hint of dandyism to keep the look fresh and modern. Work all the way through, from the sleek outerwear to the stylish cravat and bootlace bow ties with three-piece suits and velvet blazers in between.” ~TOPMAN


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Xagon Fall/Winter

Xagon is an Italian ready to wear brand that has over 30 years of experience designing menswear. The overall vision of the brand is to provide excellent quality, price and image ratio to its clientele. For this 2011 Fall/Winter season, Xagon has created a lookbook revealing the versatility of their clothing and how easily they can be worn in any environment by the modern man.



Domenico+Savio Fall/Winter Leather Collection

Domenico+Savio introduced its 2011 Fall/Winter leather collection to the world. Classic styles with modern-day elements like fitted biker jackets which come in an array of colors and styles, hooded leather jackets and fur collared ski jackets for men.  Domenico+Savio have undeniably taken a fresh approach with the creation of this line.

Domenico + Savio