Versace To Hit H&M Stores Soon

H&M, well known for its collaboration with world renowned labels such as Lavin and Jimmy Choo created mass hysteria amongst their customers in the past. However none has created more of buzz than this Versace/H&M alliance.  Donatella Versace holds no punches, staying true to the label’s traditional bold prints and colors keeping that cool Miami aesthetic. Pushing the ballot even further with studded leather garments gives this collection a certain edge.  Scheduled to hit selected H&M stores this month, Rodeo magazine decided to give its readers a sneak peak at what to expect from these two clothing giants. Styled by Nike Felldin and photographed by Tobias Lundkvist, models Alexander Johansson and Henrietta Hellberg look fantastic in this spread.

Written by: Curt Greenidge

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2 thoughts on “Versace To Hit H&M Stores Soon

  1. Persephone Deacon says:

    I love this collection, especially the leather dresses. I did a post on the Versace for H&M range earlier. Check it out:

  2. stylusmag says:

    Thank You! I am very excited for the launch of the collection as well! The studded biker jacket and pink suit are my favorite pieces.

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