Bird’s Eye View: Fashion Photographer Zachary Bako

Photography plays an important role in the fashion industry and without these magnificent men and women, designers and brands alike would never be able to bring their collections to life. I’ve always been fascinated by photography. Admiring the way photographers would capture the most amazing images through their lens and wonder how they did it. That’s why I have decided to pay tribute to all the amazing photographers and toast to their amazing talents and accomplishments. First on my list is photographer Zachary Bako. A brief background history about this American Photographer, at the age of 17 Zachary decided to pursue his passion for photography by travelling alone to Hong Kong. While there he developed an eye to observe and absorb his surroundings which cultivated his love for taking photos and travelling. Bako scholastic achievements are as follows: a degree in Business and M.A in Art from Case Western University, trained in photojournalism and studied photography and film at the Cleveland Institute of Art.

I was really intrigued with Bako’s work after seeing the backstage shots he had done at the 2011 Petrou Man S/S show. The photos captured Petrou Man’s very eccentric and artistic collection. The camera angles and shots taken of the models in hair and makeup reminded me somewhat of a scene from Alice in Wonderland which tied in perfectly with the style of the clothing. The picture of the cakes topped with strawberries and the models getting outfitted with scrubs and butterflies gives you that eerie feeling they were getting ready to meet the Mad Hatter for a tea party. The candid shots of the models and backstage staff bring to life a sense of mayhem and anticipation before the show. Zachary Bako definitely has an exceptional eye for a great shot; he captures emotion in his photographs. To check out more of Bako’s amazing work visit his site.

Written by: Curt Greenidge


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