The Black Ivy: "Photographer T. Hayashida’s 1960’s Ivy Leaugue Fashion Photos Revamped"

During the late sixties, Japanese photographer T. Hayashida travelled throughout America’s northeastern Ivy League schools to document the style during that time. As a result of his travels, the book “Take Ivy” was published containing all the images of that era. These images consisted only of white alumni. However Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs of the New York style blog Street Etiquette decided to recreate these images but with a twist. This style duo decided to gather two dozen of their fashion forward African American friends while using the City College of New York as their canvas to reconstruct these 45 year old candid photos and might I say job well done! Kissi and Gumbs really captured the true essence of T. Hayashida’s photos during that era. Each model was outfitted perfectly to represent Ivy League Prep with cable knit cardigans/sweaters, single/double breasted blazers, varsity jackets, poor-boy hats and a vintage bicycle was even added as a prop. These are some really great and comfortable looks that any man can wear. Meanwhile all these pieces can be found in affordable stores across the U.S such as J. Crew.I give this look book two thumbs up!
Written by: Curt Greenidge

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