Poetic Fashion Show Photo Shoot

For the past couple of weeks I have been working diligently with the Gregory Allen Company as stylist putting together looks for a photo shoot and show day for the Poetic Fashion Show. About a week ago we did the photo shoot to exhibit the clothing from some of the designers that will be taking part in the upcoming show this Thursday September 2nd. Shkank Inc., Noir Masae (NM Designs) and the Gregory Allen Company were all part of the pre-show photo shoot. This photo shoot was created as a buffer to the show so that the designers can display their most current pieces. While working behind the scenes, seeing the amazing talent and designs that is being offered makes me even more excited to see their new collection. On the roster for show day are Rod Philip of Shkank (The Grammys, Miss Universe and So You Think You Can Dance), NM Designs, Gregory Allen Company (Toronto LG Fashion Week/Design section Toronto Star) and Sodaliscious Clothing (styled 90210’s Anna Lynne- McCord) who all have to produce 5 new never before seen pieces. Yet again this is a show that you will not want to miss. This Thursday September 2nd come out and join us at the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts at 7pm. Tickets are still available online at http://www.stlc.com/ or for pick up contact Amiga Taylor at amigataylor@literatureforlife.org . Here are some photos from the photo shoot to give you idea of the caliber of talent from these designers and what to expect on show day!
Shkank Inc.
Gregory Allen Company 
Noir Masae (NM Designs)
Written by: Curt Greenidge
Stylist for Gregory Allen Company Curt Greenidge
Stylist for Shkank Inc. & Noir Masae (NM Designs) Tamara Thorpe
Photography by Justin Ing & Dwayne Holness

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