Fashion and the City

One of this summer’s blockbuster movies Sex and the City 2 is scheduled to hit theaters today. With tons of anxious fans and fashionistas waiting to see what Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte are going to be wearing. The fabulous Patricia Field, stylist for the movie is back to work her magic and is sparing no expense. It’s rumored that the costume budget topped a whopping $10 million dollars. These ladies of the upper east side of Manhattan and Brooklyn wear nothing less than Haute Couture from all the top designers and look just as amazing wearing these garments from the streets of NYC to the souks of Abu Dhabi. “The movie is more about the whole ensemble…In the first movie, it was about the studded belt and the gladiator sandals. In [the second] movie, it is more about the clothing and whatever shoe works.” Patricia Field told editors during an interview. Field even confirmed that Sarah will be repeating some outfits that she wore during the TV series, for example the Christian Dior newspaper print gown and defended her repeat by saying “There is a reason. It’s in the plotline”. As all fans of the show know the character Carrie is famous for her intense shoe game. These traditional Sex and the City pieces of art from Manolo Blahniks, Brian Atwood, Christian Louboutin and YSL just to name a few. Patricia Field will also be showcasing her new line for the Payless Shoe Source worn by the less prominent cast members. Sarah Jessica Parker is the creative director for the Halston fashion label whose clothing will be predominantly featured throughout the film. Her character Carrie has a total of 48 outfits and surprisingly enough will mainly be matched up with Christian Louboutins instead of Manolo Blahniks. Don’t be alarmed; even though the Manolo pumps will not be a staple in this sequel they are still featured. The one fashion travesty that has Hollywood and the fashion world in a buzz is the flash back to the 80’s scene, boxy skirt suits and white trainers need I say more? Nonetheless this movie should be a couture fashion show from the beginning to the end.
Carrie wearing Dior t-shirt and Zac Posen skirt.
Samantha walking down the streets of Manhattan carrying a VBH Palm clutch worth $1,300
Miranda rocking a pair of YSL Trib Two Heels
Charlotte pretty in pink wearing Christian Dior suit and bag
Carrie’s casual but chic look wearing Patricia Field plaid shirt and Brian Atwood suede studded heels.
Carrie wearing the infamous Halston Heritage dress, Chanel clutch, Christian Louboutin heels, Solange Azagury necklace and MYKITA sunglasses
Charlotte wearing green Oscar de la Renta with her daughter as they walk the streets.
Carrie wearing Halston Hertiage dress, Christian Louboutin bag and shoes with Jee Vice sunglasses.
Miranda wearing a hot summer look.
Patricia Field dress these ladies in harem pants, turbans and beaded slippers for the Middle East.
These fashionista’s 80’s flashback, Miranda’s boxy skirt suit get up, Carries is Desperately Seeking Susan and Samatha looks like she’s about to audition for a White Snake video, simply hilarious!
Written by: Curt Greenidge.

One thought on “Fashion and the City

  1. nisa says:

    You just have to love that little black dress on Samantha.Sex and the city always brings awesome pieces to the world of fashion and not to mention awesome pieces for summer. luv it.nice work Curt

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