The Boyfriend Jacket

For the past couple of seasons it seems like women have been shopping in their husbands, boyfriends, brothers and fathers’ closets. This is result of a reoccurring trend called the “Boyfriend”. I wrote an article a couple months ago were I mentioned that the “boyfriend” jean is one of the current trends for women during the 2010 spring/summer season. In addition to that the Balance Velasquez interview were one of his designers Lily and Jae based out of Vancouver also embraces this look for females. In previous seasons the boyfriend sweater and shirt was on the forefront of fashion. Today it’s the boyfriend jacket, so gentlemen if you are reading this post hide your clothing because they will definitely go missing. This trend is a flash back to the 80’s mixed with a little deja`vu of Jasmine Guy in A Different World or Demi Moore in Ghost wearing this piece with a pair of skinny jeans, boyfriend shirt, tucked in with a brown belt with matching loafers and a fedora. As we all know fashion always repeats itself but is always evolving. Today this boyfriend trend is worn with a mixture of both masculine and feminine pieces. These oversize garments with the sleeves rolled up can be worn with a pair of shorts, mini, jeans or leggings. Two things you should remember is make sure the jacket is one size bigger to accentuate the shoulders and cuff or roll the sleeves to balance out your outfit and show your wrist to add femininity.
Written by Curt Greenidge


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