Nicholas K

Nicholas and Christopher Kunz founded the design company Nicholas K back in 2003. Nicholas worked for big design labels such as Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Polo prior to her decision to branch off on her own. Something a little unorthodox occurred which led to the creation of this brand we know today as Nicholas K. Nicholas met with a Tarot card reader and clairvoyant in the mountains of Santa Fe while visiting her brother. She was advised to start her own business ASAP and that it was her destiny. Clearly she listened and hasn’t looked back since; being that Nicholas K is a very successful brand today. I was very inspired to write about this label after viewing the entire Spring/Summer collection which is edgy, fashionably chic and wearable. Not only is Nicholas K selling individual pieces but entire outfits.

The Nicholas K 2010 Spring/Summer men’s collection really encompasses Nicholas’ roots with Calvin, Tommy and Polo. It’s masculine and very modern. The color palette is based upon navy, grey and black. At the same time using soft pastel colors to bring to life and give it that spring feel. I love the fact that the look book is a combination of fitted styles mixed with stripes, plaid prints, cuffed shorts and ripped jeans to add a very casual tone to the collection. Layering each look with a sweater or jacket gives each outfit the endless capacity to adapt to cool spring/summer nights. The women’s collection is the polar opposite it’s very soft and feminine. Flowing fabrics and draped patterns give these looks a fresh and edgy flare along with bright and colorful prints.

Written by: Curt Greenidge

Check out the entire 2010 Spring/Summer collection:


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