Paradigm Entertainment Launch Party and Fashion Show

Paradigm Entertainment Inc is a promotional company with two major objectives in mind. One of which is event promotion, partnering with other companies to do live shows and concerts with artists. These live events will take place during some of the busiest times in Toronto such as The Toronto Film Festival, Fashion week and Caribana. They will be urban based, catering to the demographic that enjoy Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae and Soca music. Artist Relations is the other objective, offering up and coming and undiscovered artists an opportunity to cultivate their talent to become the next Drake or Justin Bieber. Bios, press kits, creating websites, managing and booking these artists are some of the tools used to make these raw talents shine through amongst the mega stars in today’s music industry.

Last month I had the pleasure of being invited by Ellie Shermer owner of Paradigm Entertainment Inc to attend the launch of the company. It was held in the heart of Toronto’s clubbing district at Club XS. The event was open to the public however it was filled with press, club owners and also Universal and Sony representatives. The night was filled with anticipation not only to celebrate the launch of the company but to view the main event which was the fashion show showcasing some of Toronto’s talent. Five designers were chosen Gregory Allen, Vicerra, Studio Biba, Naz Swimwear and Spago. “I try to choose designers that maybe described as up and coming and different. One of our designers Vicerra actually does costume design for movie sets. I just went for people who have a very strong understanding of their design and what their brand is all about” said Tahnee-Lloyd Smith Creative Director of the fashion show.

Ellie is majority owner of Paradigm along with Mark Saltzman and Kevin Dunlop and has been promoting for the last eight years. He started with another company called Mass Appeal in 2002, doing the weekly and one off events at different clubs in downtown Toronto. Knowing deep down that he had found his calling Ellie made this his full time job in 2004. Ellie then ventured off on his own in 2006, starting Glamour Entertainment with his current business partners Mark and Kevin. “Over the past 8 years I have worked with all the big DJ’s in Toronto and other promoters. I have promoted concerts with artist such as Drake, Bow Wow, Fabulous, Trey Songz, DJ Jazzy Jeff and done parties where Lebron James, Jay-Z and Rihanna were present. I’ve been doing it for a while now and Glamour Entertainment is a full function promotion company that does 2 weekly parties, we cater to different demographics 19-21 years to 25 plus as well.”

Ellie, I know that you are not really involved in the fashion show aspect of this event, but tell me out of all the designers who are you most excited to see and why?

“Gregory Allen. Big fan of his stuff, he has some of the dopest dress shirts and bow ties. Also some of the new concepts for his line that he’s coming out with are pretty amazing as well as his custom furniture line. This will give all the people that coming through that door the opportunity to see how talented he is. Naz Swimwear, because I am interested in seeing some beautiful ladies lol and see some swim suits they are a pretty big company and they had this huge fashion show last week.”

What should we expect from Ellie Shermer in the future?

“More success and creating events that Toronto and across Canada will hopefully enjoy. Trying to putting together this event featuring DJ Khaled, as well as maybe doing a show in June with Chris Brown, so there are some big stuff on the horizon for us. So Toronto should stay tuned to what Paradigm and Glamour have in store.”
Ellie Shermer wearing Gregory Allen shirt and bowtie

Written by: Curt Greenidge
Special Thanks to Ellie Shermer & Tahnee-Lloyd Smith

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